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Dear Startup & 
Emerging Entrepreneur 

You deserve to finally have that successful business you have been dreaming about. The business to give you lifestyle you want with the time freedom to make your own decisions.  No more helping others achieve their dreams while you sit on the sidelines., I'm here to help you get what you want by helping you create a $250,000 + per year business model fast.

Let's get Started!
Rivers Corbett
Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Canada National Podcast Host, Entrepreneur in Residence, Author, Creator of The RockStar StartUP Academy and The RockStar Mastermind

This group is exclusively for entrepreneurial-minded women and men who seriously want to start and grow the business of their dreams!
This is JUST FOR YOU if you are:
  •   Coachable because you know you don't know everything.
  •  An incredibly positive person/team player with a strong self esteem.
  •  Willing to be accountable and have fun in a team environment.
This is NOT FOR YOU if you are:
  •  Negative & Looking for a Get Rich Quick Scheme!
  •  Someone who doesn't have a strong desire to be or have more.
  •  Someone who is always making excuses for not fulfilling their commitments.
Laura's  Success Story

"Rivers is the reason I became an entrepreneur. He truly provided the coaching and insight I needed and identified solutions to hurdles I had not yet encountered but was able to overcome. I highly recommend him as a business coach for anyone looking to start, build or grow a company."
Laura O'Blenis - Founder/CEO - Stiletto Consulting
I'm Not Just Here For The Transfer Of Information...
I'm Here For Your Transformation! So...
I am here for the Transformation of YOU!...That's Why You Need To
 Have The Community & Accountability You Require To Succeed
Rivers Corbett's
The RockSTAR 

Who Is In 
The RockSTAR Mastermind?
We Are A Group Of Committed Entrepreneurs Helping Each Other Have More Impact & Income
Full-Time Career Coach
Expanding Into New Markets
Professional Internet Tech
Building Online Programs
Career Transitioner
Starting A Social Enterprise
Transitioning Teacher
Helping Others Find Purpose
Virtual Assistant
Teaching Entrepreneurs How To Sell
Retired Teacher
Starting A Consulting Company
Full-Time Creative
Leading A Fatherhood Campaign
Digital Media Producer
Creating Films & Visual Stories
Financial Educator
Growing Her Brand & Impact
Side Hustler
Growing A Part-Time Business 
University Graduate
Dreaming of Being the Next Elon Musk
College Speaker
Transitioning Into Full-Time Speaker
What Will an Exclusive Membership into
The RockSTAR Mastermind
 Do For You & Your Business?
You Don't Have To Do It All By Yourself Anymore
1. Coach & Group Support
The last time many of us were coached was when we played organized sports. Coaches have a way of seeing and drawing out the greatness that is always inside of us. In addition to your team’s Head Coach, you will also be coached by your buddy & your team. Coaches lift you up and never let you down even when you feel down on yourself.
2. 30 Like-Minded Friends
There is a difference between your social friends & your successful friends. Social friends take you out to a party. Successful friends takes you out of your comfort zone. We need both, but we specialize in providing you with structure, accountability, and a team of successful friends who will inspire and challenge you to create the life you desire.
3. Collective Accountability
We are more comfortable disappointing ourselves than we are other people. Rather than viewing that as negative, why not simply get other people involved in our goals? We’ve been taught to rely on self-discipline and pick ourselves up by our own bootstraps, but there is an easier way. It’s called positive peer pressure and it works.
How Does 
The RockSTAR Mastermind  
We Meet Virtually Bi-Weekly For A Year With Online Coaching In Between
What You Get Throughout The Entire Year...
  • 12 Virtual Mastermind & Goal Setting Meetings
  • 12 Mid-Month Group Accountability Hot Seat Calls
  • 48 Weeks Of Direct Coaching From Me
  • 30 Minute 1-On-1 Visioning Call With Me
  • 50 New Friends Committed To Your Success
  • 24 Hour Access To Our Private Online Community
NOTE: Christmas marks the end of our group for the year because we value family & slow down then.
Our Proven 30 Day Success Cycle
Here’s How I’ll Hold You Accountable Between Meetings
"Twice A Week, I Will Check In On You & Your Goals & You Will Get Notified 
By Phone Or Email"  - Rivers Corbett
An online platform to track your goals
  • Set monthly goals, track your progress, and get coached online
  • Get text-based notifications when you get coached or your buddy progresses
  • Search your teammates by skills to get specific help on your personal goals
NOTE: Thanksgiving marks the end of our group for the year because we value family & slow down then.
Add An Additional $3,594 In Bonuses
 When You Join 
The RockSTAR Mastermind, 
You Also Get...
13 Fears of Entrepreneurs Book/Video Series
Value - $199
Annual Subscription (91% of Entrepreneurs Who Complete the Program are Still 
In Business 2 Years Later 
Value - $195
2 Tickets to 
Rivers Corbett Live! Event
Value: $198
As promised, you will also receive The RockSTAR Startup Academy!
It's the most powerful and dynamic do-it-yourself client attraction program ever created!

12 Month Subscription 
Value - $3,000
Your Investment?
Our 100% "Make Money" Gurantee!
We Guarantee That You Will At Least Get Your Money Back
If you do the work, I will work with you to surpass your investment even if it takes me beyond a year to do so.

Your annual investment is $1,997 (or $197/month) 
Limited time 3 Month Trial Offer @ $227/month

My Guarantee?
I will honor your exclusive annual membership until your business generates at least $1,997 in profit
...even if that takes more than 12 months.
In other words, your exclusive membership will last until I help you match it in profit as long as I can see that you've done the work and completed the modules.
You can also cancel your membership at anytime via email, no questions asked, and you will not be billed for the following month.

That's how committed I am to your success as a leader. And I believe that you should be abundantly compensated for being the leader that you are.
More cool comments .....
"Challenge the norm, adapt to change, eagerly tackle challenges, and honest and open feedback would all be characteristics that give you a sense of knowing Rivers. An Entrepreneur that willingly helps others succeed and to foster an environment that all entrepreneurs can be included. Rivers won't be "along for the ride" he will want to be in the drivers seat. Hands on and throttle up! Rivers plays an integral role in building our entrepreneurial community and has participated nationally through Start Up Canada."
Ignite Fredericton / Knowledge Park
"It has been an honour and privilege to work with Rivers in his capacity as the Atlantic Founding Board Member of Startup Canada. He has energized a region and helped to lay the early foundations of a national grassroots movement of entrepreneurship through Startup Canada. Rivers has also represented Startup Canada on the global stage, leading the way in the Startup Nations at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool earlier this year. 

Rivers is a great entrepreneur, mentor, evangelist and friend. I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from him as we continue to start up Canada."
Co-Founder / CEO
StartUP Canada
"Rivers Corbett is an amazing business leader and we were very fortunate to have him as the Entrepreneur in Residence for two years at the University of New Brunswick. The impact Rivers has had on the students at the University, and the community is simply incredible. He is recognized nationally as a mentor and a business leader that is committed to the Startup community and is very active in both Startup Canada and Startup Fredericton. Rivers has been on the national and global stage as an advocate for entrepreneurship and is totally community minded. The University of New Brunswick was recognized as the “Most Entrepreneurial Post-Secondary Institution of the Year”, and Startup Fredericton received the runner-up award for the “Startup Community of the Year”, and all that success is because of the key leadership role Rivers has played in the two organizations."
Professor & Chair
The Herbert J Smith Centre for Technology, Management and Entrepreneurship
"Rivers is a great leader, mentor and friend. He's been very helpful giving advice on his past experiences in entrepreneurship and using his connections to help my business grow and I would highly recommend Rivers for young entrepreneurs, established business people and anyone in between. If you want want real advice, real connections or a real mentor who genuinely wants you to succeed, get in touch with Rivers"
Rayzen Innovations
"Rivers is a 21st Century entrepeneur, he is the one to watch."
Founder - Canada's Huggable Car Dealer
"Rivers Corbett was a recent guest on my podcast, where he shared his insights to succeed as an entrepreneur. Rivers was able to connect to my listeners not only because of his knowledge and experience growing successful businesses, but also because he deeply cares about the success of those around him."
Podcast Host / Marketing Coach

"When you first meet Rivers, it doesn’t take you long to understand his passion for all things related to start ups and the entrepreneurial way of life. His energy and enthusiasm hit you like a rogue wave at the beach and leave you wanting and waiting for another to smack you in the face. Because you know you need it. Rivers has an uncanny way of knowing what to ask, and when to ask it, to draw information out of you, which for me at least, left me feeling vulnerable the first time that he and I met. Again, it is exactly what I needed and when I needed it. I have benefited immensely, in my very short time as an entrepreneur, from Rivers' advice, entrepreneurial know how and most importantly for his support from a personal and professional level." 

Yanky Sports 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When does this offer expire?
Once the timer at the top of the page expires, the price will return for $2,400 for the year and the bonuses will not be available. As the group becomes more valuable to its existing members, I assure you that the price will go up and new members will face steeper criteria beyond just money to join. You can lock in this rate now.
Q: Is this for beginners just starting out and don’t have clients yet?
This is probably the best investment a beginner can make. You may have the tendency to try to see how far you can get on your own first, but you can save yourself tons of time and money by skipping steps and jumping straight to what works. Remember this is an exclusive membership.
Q: Aren’t masterminds usually 4-10 people?
The traditional mastermind is a small group, but Dunbar’s Number says that tight knit communities can hold up to 150. With my technology and buddy system, we’ve been able to break that number.
Q: What if I miss a meeting?
All calls will be recorded for you to review. Replays are sent out the morning after the team meetings. However, you will not get the full experience you consistently miss meetings. After 2 absences, I will follow up to discuss fit. In a mastermind group, it is important that we show up for each other—not just to receive, but to give.
Q: How am I matched with a teammate?
After completing your new member form immediately upon joining, we will search the membership to find a person that aligns with your goals and desires. Some people also invite a buddy to join. Buddies get 50% off. So if you have a business partner you want to join with, you can.
Q: What's my investment again?
 $1997 one-time or $197/month and your commitment is for the year :)

Limited time availability - TRIAL OFFER - Want to take us for a test drive?  Sure thing..Rivers understands. $227/month for a three month commitment ...but bonuses are not included until you sign up for the 12 month program

We want to create camaraderie in our group and that can’t happen when people are in and out, in and out. We highly encourage you to consider committing to the entire 12-month process to maximize your results and those of other members.
Q: What if I need your 1-on-1 attention?
There are 4 ways to still get the support you need directly from me:

1. The online app allows me to coach you via text in the context of your goal for the month. I commit to coaching online at least 2 times per week—usually on Monday and Thursday mornings. So if you want feedback, you can request it there.

2. The mid-month accountability calls have what we call “hot seats.” Hot seats are your opportunity to share your problem or challenge and get coached by me live in the safety of the group. Other group members may chime in with their insight around your area of struggle. This collective wisdom is one of the benefits mastermind groups have over 1-on-1 coaching because you can benefit from everyone’s wisdom.

3. You can reach out to a group member for direct support. Through the group, you will meet people who are at similar stages of development as you or beyond and because we are all committed to each other’s success, you can ask for support. If the specific support you are requesting is something that a member normally charges for, we encourage you to pay them. If there is reciprocity and you have something non-monetary to give to them in exchange for their time, listening, and expertise, then that is okay too.

4. You can still hire me for 1-on-1 coaching while in the mastermind group. Members get a discount off of my standard hourly rate.
2017 The RockStar Mastermind
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